Toddler Cape Progress

DSC_0025So the other day I listed out some projects I really want to do. The toddler capes are in progress! I bought some felt to make the capes with. It is a little Halloween-y which may or may not be unfortunate, but I couldn’t resist the glittery black and white felt. Brandon had already picked out the orange and I always trust his color choices since he is an artiste.


I was so impatient to make the damn capes that I picked out some other fabric I had stashed away from a former failed project to make a practice pattern. My grandmother always made a practice version of whatever she was making with muslin before sewing the real thing. Doesn’t that seem like the most grown up got it together thing to do? You can make all your mistakes on cheap fabric and then do an amazing job on the real stuff. Everyone will then be impressed by your wicked sewing skills. I have tried a few times to do that with clothes in the past, but clothes are hard and I suck at the patience thing, so I usually just wing it. Then I say I like the homemade look. Actually, I don’t try to make clothes anymore because the Goodwill is so much easier, cheaper, and less heartbreaking. Even though this “sample” cape was for practice, it looks good enough to be added to Margot’s costume trunk.


I made the cape with grey jersey and blue fleece. I even made the star pattern myself. I was inspired! I managed to put the velcro on the right way the first time!! When I presented it to Margot she wore it until it rubbed a red spot on her neck and I made her take it off. I don’t think she even knows what a cape is, but she seemed to enjoy the novelty of it. I wore it some myself a few days later in an attempt to entertain her. She ignored me completely (cheese ended up consoling her), and it rubbed a red spot on my neck too. So, I have to figure out how to make that not happen before I make the “real” capes. Jersey is heavy which makes it hang pretty hard at the neck. The felt is a lot lighter, so hopefully, the rubbing will be a non-issue. I don’t want to gift a costume to friends that causes injuries for god’s sake!


So far I have cut out the children’s initials in the glittery black felt then sewed the letters onto a circle of glittery white felt. It was really easy. The felt is stiff and thick and didn’t move around so it looks practically professional. Now I just have to finish them well before Halloween.



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