Things to Do Soon

DSC_0022The weather is amazing here – cool and crisp – so my brain seems to be working a little better.  I don’t do well in the heat, and feel like I am waking up from some fog I have been in.  Maybe it was the super moon or the humidity or the 18 month sleep regression (as if that is over, lol) but I have just not been thinking about anything other than getting through the day lately.  But suddenly today I feel like doing projects, projects, projects.  So instead of actually doing any I am “researching” what I could do at some bright future time when Margot naps (of course she short napped as soon as I started this post!), and I actually have supplies and energy!


Capes for Toddlers:  Yes

I bought a batman shirt with a cape on sale at Target the other day because it was cute and it was Steeler colors.  She is a Pittsburgher after all, and needs something to wear that will positively affect the team!  The cape is just too cute when she is running around the house, and it got me thinking about capes in general and how she probably needs some immediately.  They seem easy to make, and I might even make a few for our playdate friends.  While I do have some grey jersey fabric in my stash that could work, I want to go fabric shopping and buy something more hero-esque.  It will also make a good addition to her costume trunk that I am making for her second birthday (or Christmas depending on how excited I get about it).


Onesie Quilt

Somehow or other I found a listing of Pittsburgh Mom blogs and while reading one (coconut robot seems to have it together including great style while pregnant IN THE SUMMER) I stumbled across this cute quilt idea.  I have saved all of the clothes that Margot actually wore, but she was a “happy spitter” so a lot of the early ones are stained on the front.  Frankly all of the shirts she wore (and continues to wear) have pretty intense stains on the front because I can’t be bothered to do a bib or any kind of stain removal.  Lazy.  So while I am saving stuff in case we lose our minds and have another child, it seems unlikely that I will be excited about dressing that child in stained hand me downs.  I plan to use the backs of the onesies which should be in good condition.  Although, maybe the stained fronts would be sweeter as they are marked by the darling at each stage of her development.  I could say, look Margot, here is the stain from the first time you ate berries, the first time you had a smoothie, and so on.


Toddler Room

Yes, she sleeps with me every night.  Yes, it is sweet and sour.  No, she won’t always sleep there.  Well, maybe she will always sleep there.  I don’t know.  Anyway, I want to set up a cute little toddler room for her that will hopefully, maybe, please please please, make her want to sleep on her own.  Or go to sleep on her own.  Or anything.  I might be ready.  She is probably completely ready, and it is me holding everything back.

Something not baby related?

There is the blog, for one, but what else?  I would like to get back into P90X maybe.  Brandon surely would, so if I can get our dungeon of a basement in enough order to have a comfortable workout space that would go a long way toward helping us workout at home.  It’s seriously horrible down there.  Imagine a haunted hoarder house, and then add some dust (cat litter dust mostly, gag) and you have our basement.  So, ugh, I’m tired even thinking about it, but it would be nice to have somewhere to do push-ups that isn’t encrusted with a week’s worth of meals.  I suppose if I was more diligent about cleaning we could just workout in the living room, but I’m not.  Also, Margot is just too busy to ignore stacks of weights or either of us in the vulnerable positions required to do most of the exercises.  So basement cleaning it is.  Just after I finish browsing pinterest…

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