The Mom Jean Jacket

Mom Jean JacketI’ve got one!

In the 80’s – 90’s my mom was really into jean jackets, and therefore I always had one that I was expected to wear. Nice ones, too. Good quality sturdy denim in fairly recent fashion from the Gap. Mostly, I scoffed and refused to wear them because they were Mom style. Ugh. Nobody wants to dress like a mom.

Mom Jean Jacket, Mom LeggingsExcept, it seems, a mom because I found myself sort of desperate for a jean jacket this week as the weather started really turning towards fall. Breastfeeding made my other fall jacket (a much loved corduroy peacoat) unwearable. Since it was really old and I insisted on wearing it with a zip-up hoodie underneath (which also no longer fits, thanks, Margot!) Brandon said I looked like a hobo in it. He said that each time I wore it for about 2 years. I didn’t care because I loved it, but then it wouldn’t button anymore – even if I held my breath – so I had no choice but to give it up. Now here I am with nothing to wear while walking through crunching leaves and daydreaming about baking and holiday gatherings.

DSC_0083I realized, of course, that I absolutely needed a jean jacket again, and I started wishing so hard that I had saved any of the ones my mom forced upon me over the years since grunge is sort of in again, and maybe they would be fashionable. Unfortunately, I hadn’t saved any of them, although it is possible my mom did. Either way, I lucked upon one that just barely buttons up for $3.99 at the Goodwill today. What fortune! I actually thought it was going to cost $10 and no way was I going to spend that much on a jean jacket (which may or may not be fashionable) when a totally stylish woman came in with her equally stylish young daughter. The daughter was wearing a smart little trench coat with what looked like clean pants on underneath! Margot was wearing a giant sweatshirt with mismatched christmas pajama pants. She is well into the tantruming vortex and it was easier to just let her stay in her pajamas than risk waking the beast. Anyway, the woman was wearing a jean jacket unbutton with a skirt and various stylish accessories (a necklace and earrings that Margot could surely injure me and herself with in minutes, but someday I will accessorize I suppose). This woman looked amazing. Put together without a trace of peanut butter or black bean mash anywhere on clothes. I immediately grabbed that jacket back off the rack despite the potentially high price.

Mom Jean Jacket, Mom LeggingsThe fact that I am becoming my mother did not escape my notice. Is it something about having kids that makes you long for sturdy clothing that does the job of covering you and keeping you warm without much fuss? Or is it some kind of returning to what you know? I know that my mom wore a lot of jean jackets. She probably has one on over a turtleneck right now. I have already started down the black leggings road, and see no reason to turn back. They are comfortable. Whatever. Jean jackets and black leggings go together perfectly, right? 

It’s kind of awesome to be at the crossroads of wardrobe transformation in life, and for that transformation be one that is comfortable and thankfully won’t be judged by teenagers on a daily basis. Or at least not to my face like when I was teaching! What could be worse than having to think about what a bunch of teens are going to say about what you are wearing when you get dressed in the morning! To think teachers have to go through it in high school and then again when they are teaching. At least when I was a teenager I cared, but as an adult I didn’t, but had to sort of pretend I did. Now I have a few years to luxuriate in my stretchy leggings and jean jacket before Margot starts to give me hell over it, like I did to my poor mom.

 Mom Leggings, Mom Jean Jacket

Oh, yeah, and I wore socks with my mom sandals last week. No fucks given.


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