Thanksgiving Movies – Yes!

DSC_0064So look, we love tv here. Most notably commercial free streaming. When Netflix first came out I was beyond stoked, and it has just gotten better and better. We have streaming and prime so we can watch lots of stuff whenever we want. It’s the best. Since Margot is always around (no early to bed kiddo here) we are limited in our choices. We used to love to watch lots of bad sci fi and actiony movies, and sometimes we desperately miss those still. Although, imagine how many new to us movies there are going to be when we can finally start watching them again. We won’t know where to begin!

 Last month we decided to try to watch Halloween themed movies. We watched Hocus Pocus and Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin were weirdly disappointing. I had never actually seen either of them, and they did not live up to expectations. Paranorman was good. We didn’t get a chance to listen to War of the Worlds – bummer – that’s our special Halloween tradition. Trying to listen to the radio with Margot around is plain impossible – she does not have an inside voice yet.

 Now it’s time to watch Thanksgiving movies – apparently there aren’t that many. Not a lot of options for kids. So far we have watched Free Birds. Time travel and Turkey Native Americans – it sort of stopped making sense from there. I had to search for the name in google by asking: turkey saved by the president movie. Then I had to text Brandon to ask him what we thought because I couldn’t remember at all. He said it was meh. Let’s hope the rest of movies on our list are better!

 Our list:


Pieces of April

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (Although after The Great Pumpkin, I’m not sure I can sit through another one)

Grumpy Old Men

We had a hard time finding anything. Many of them are just too adult to enjoy with a wild toddler running around, and it feels like Thanksgiving gets overlooked. Personally I really enjoy Thanksgiving – so much family awkwardness every year. It’s a meal really, but it takes a ton of work, and often there is more energy involved in getting there or making the meal than being there – and the movies definitely reflect that part.  There’s lots more christmas movies out there that we want to watch, but must wait for december to start that.

I’m going to have to try to make a Thanksgiving pizza one of these nights! Why didn’t I think of that when we were doing Halloween?

What are you watching?

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