Terrarium Love

DSC_0011I made this terrarium about seven years ago. It was dead for a while and it came back after I watered it. Totally unexpected plants suddenly bloomed.

I love terrariums. I love the little world that lives inside of them. I planted this one using moss and plants I found in the woods surrounding my father’s house. I am quite a homesick person, and love the romantic idea of having a bit of home with me all the time. It includes a trilobite I found in the gravel of the driveway years ago and have always kept with me when I moved away from home.


When it was first planted there was a spider and other insects that must have come out of the soil and plants that I used. They showed up a few days after I sealed it up. I watched them go about life and death (and only felt a little bit like a monster because there was a limited supply of bugs for that poor spider) and it was just an exciting place thing to watch unfold.

Some of the plants lived while some died, and now seven years later it is still going – it certainly doesn’t look picture perfect, but it is a real little world. I had been considering taking out the dead stuff and putting in new, but now it is growing again and I think I will let it continue as it is. I am, however, amassing more jars to start some more. I need one from my mom’s house, and I think it might be time to gather stuff from Brandon’s grandparents home – the backyard where we were married three years ago – because time is marching on, and they won’t be around forever.


I think terrariums are nice gifts. There are a number of good tutorials already out there in internet land:  pinterest, how I love thee. You can buy them for big bucks, but I think they are fun to make and can be styled to match you and the person receiving the gift. The terrarium centerpieces from our wedding were given as gifts to our parents and grandparents. My in-laws and parents still have theirs. Each has grown in a different way even though the moss and soil were the same. One has nearly exploded with ferns and moss, the other had more reserved ferns. Interestingly, they grew to mirror the homes they lived in.


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