Sewing Project Bug

DSC_0017A friend of mine has gotten onto a sewing kick, and so therefore, have I. She made a matching game with fabric squares and brought it over to our house a week or so ago. The kids as usual were not impressed, but I was and it got me thinking about a number projects I have started or pinned. I whipped together my own matching game in a frenzy during naptime later that day. When I say “whipped” I mean started, but didn’t quite finish. It was about a week before I could get back to them. No state of flow here!




The topstitching is a mess, but they are colorful. Sometimes Margot says, “Orange” in reference to the orange square when I try to show her how to match them so they are a big success in my mind. I made the squares as big as my smallest scrap would allow so they are around 4 inches square with some quilt batting I had laying around to help them feel stiff and sturdy.


The onesie quilt that I discovered and have been “making” for ages now is coming along. The squares are cut out, and actually sewn into strips now. I used some precious alone time last weekend to go out and buy backing fabric and some additional fabric to increase the size of the quilt. I didn’t have enough onesies to make the full quilt top. My plan is to actually use the quilt so it has to be big enough for covering our legs while we watch tv. I’ve gone back and forth with myself about using the quilt because those scraps of onesies are reminders of Margot’s early days, but I saved some of the truly precious ones so we might as well do something with the quilt if I ever get it finished. Honestly, I didn’t feel much of an attachment to those clothes anyway. People talk about feeling so sad getting rid of the baby stuff, but I didn’t feel that way. Who knows what I will feel when we get rid of the other stuff. It is currently accumulating at rapid speed in the basement, and I sort of want to take a blowtorch to everything down there because it is such a mess. Another kid is bound to come along eventually (either ours or a cousin) so I can’t justify getting rid of it just yet.


I’ve got some cloth doll diapers nearly done for Margot to use on her many, many dolls. So many dolls. She loves to care for them, and often wants me to put her diapers on them instead of her. Potty training – please happen already. There are tons of tutorials online for these and I sort of half followed one that I have since lost because Brandon cruelly closes my millions of open tabs once in a while. Sometimes I have so many open that I can’t read any of the titles anymore. There is so much to look at on the internet, and I don’t want to stop!



It’s fun to have a bunch of projects on my mind, but frustrating to not have the time to complete them when I want to work on them. I think back to before having Margot and mourn all the wasted time. If I could go back in time I imagine I could finish everything on my massive to-do list in record time. I probably wouldn’t though. I’d probably just sit around reading and drinking wine – let’s face it, those are pretty much top priorities even now. But hey, check out all those naked barbies – have you ever searched for doll clothes on Pinterest? I can’t wait to get started.


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