Our Gross Learning Tower

Yeah, we have an Ikea Hack learning tower. Yeah, it’s great. It’s also really filthy all the time.

I’m interested in Montessori stuff in a sort of lazy roundabout way. I love to look at all the ideas on pinterest and occasionally I gather the energy to read some inspiring blogs. It is exciting and fulfilling to watch Margot grow and develop – you know all that sappy parenting stuff. Some months back I found and then forced Brandon to make a diy learning tower. Our kitchen is super small so one of the official ones would not fit.  Also, we aren’t made of money. There are many beautiful examples of this learning tower in blogs and Pinterest and F
acebook. Not ours! Margot uses it all the time. She likes to stand in it while I cook and clean in the kitchen. I can give her little tidbits of what I am making. She plays with mixing bowls and spatulas and throws whatever she can get her hands on onto the floor. It has saved us many meltdowns. She wants to be involved and it gives her that chance. Sometimes when the stars align and the sink is mostly clean and empty of sharp knives/breakable glass she can stand in it to wash her hands at the kitchen sink.

DSC_0002A very special learning tower treat is to get to turn the dining room light on and off. She is still a bit short so she needs the extra boost from a pack of trivial pursuit cards. That’s probably not the safest, but again, it has saved us many meltdown dollars. So we love it. Unfortunately, it is just hideous to behold. It’s just so dirty. All the snacks and bites of food she gets while in it leave their marks. She has peed on it. The little hole handle on the top step added a wonderful splash dimension to that adventure!  The half-assed paint job I did doesn’t help. It was starting to get dirty which actually surprised me because all I saw were the pretty finished product pictures on other blogs. Honestly, I was kind of offended that it looked disgusting within days of being built. I hadn’t even considered that as a possibility. Anyway, I decided the answer was to paint it with some white paint so it would be easy to wipe clean. LOL. Painting it wasn’t fun, and I hated spending good nap time on a boring chore. It mostly got one coat of paint. It’s not really that hard to wipe off, but who wants to?  We can look to it to remind us of the good times we had in the past week(s).  Look, fudgesicles! Remember the blueberry jelly? How about the ill-fated almond butter experiment? The stains memorialize our kitchen exploits.


You should build one.

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