Onesie Quilt Finished – Finally

DSC_0035It took long enough. It really got to the point where I only dreaded doing it, but felt I couldn’t start anything else until it was finished.

It didn’t help that I was literally insane from a cup of Starbucks coffee, and I had chosen to use both flannel and double thick batting. The flannel was fiddly and super stretchy and the batting made it all pull through sort of slow and wonky while I was sewing. The caffeine, of course, made me feel anxious and like I couldn’t move fast enough. When will I learn my lesson about Starbucks coffee? It doesn’t even taste good. The backing had some extreme folds and creases that I desperately wanted to ignore, but they were so bad that I knew they would drive me crazy a year from now when I see them, so I forced myself to take out a couple lines of quilting. With shaky caffeine hands no less.



Most of the process of the quilt could be described as desperate. Except the hand stitching of the binding at the end. That is really the part I like I guess. It is all neat and mostly finished finally, and it is quiet. I go at a pace that I can control the quality much better, and every little bit feels like an accomplishment. Possibly the best part is getting to watch/listen to tv while I do it. I watched a documentary about the Tower of London while I sewed this binding. It was delightfully boring. Someday I will take up some kind of hand sewing hobby – when Margot stops putting everything she finds in her mouth, and stops jumping all over me – when I’m old. That will be amazing to sit quietly sewing something nice enough while plowing my way through whatever the future version of Netflix has to offer in the way of boring, quiet old lady shows.


I’m glad its done. Margot enjoyed it when she came down from her nap. She pointed out the balloons as those are a new favorite. She laid on it and pretended to sleep, saying, “Shh. Shh.” This weekend I will be trying it out on the couch while we watch some suitably christmasy kid movie.



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