DSC_0106Have you ever heard of Nextdoor?  My neighborhood has a page or site or whatever it is called.  There are a lot of complaints about dogs off leash, people driving through stop signs, and the playgrounds.  Those are kind of fun to read because people get really intense, but it is also really nice way to keep up with what is happening in the neighborhood.  People post free stuff from time to time, but it is never anything I really want or I wait too long and it is gone (I’m talking about you, belgium blocks!).  So yesterday was exciting for me because someone posted free raspberry plants, which I have wanted forever, and I replied fast enough to get one.  I offered to trade some kale from my garden since that seemed neighborly, and I wanted a leg up if someone else was trying to get them at the same time! DSC_0097The kale I gave was my Russian Red Kale that I have grown for a couple years now.  It has been a good summer for the garden, lots of rain and sun, but not too hot of heat.  At least for the garden it hasn’t been too hot, all summer is too hot for me.  I sort of felt really greedy and didn’t want to give it up once I realized how nice it looked, but I had already committed in writing so I bagged it up and traded away.  Maybe next July I will have some raspberries. DSC_0102 Speaking of the neighborhood, I have signed up to host a National Night Out Party next week.  This is completely out of character for me because I am neither outgoing or a big fan of other people, but I have wanted to change that aspect of myself for a while now.  Ever since I decided to stay home to raise my daughter I have had to reach out to find people instead of just getting my social interaction through work.  It is not easy for me, but has gotten easier as I have met some other moms who have transitioned from working to parenting exclusively.  I really could stay home and read almost everyday for forever, but I don’t want to be that weird mom that is just sitting on the couch in the dark that all Margot’s friends have to tiptoe past when they come over.  I mean, I’ll probably still be that weird mom sitting on the couch in the dark, but only because I feel like it at the moment, and not because it is the only thing I have to do. So in a continuing effort to branch out I registered with the city to host an event on my street.  Well, actually I mentioned it to Brandon in the hopes that he would think it was a bad idea.  He was strangely into it, and here we are.  Now I am posting requests for corn hole and other yard games on the Nextdoor page, and trying to pump myself up to deliver invitational fliers to every house on my street.  Someone actually offered to help me, and I had to CALL HER ON THE PHONE yesterday.  Other shy people will understand how major an achievement that 12 minute conversation was.  Majorly major.  After I distribute those damn invitations I am going to enjoy some serious couch sitting time.

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