We have been driving past the parking lot for Idlewild for the past 8 years on the way to and from Brandon’s parents.  It was always a glittering sea of minivans and suvs that I was thankful to not be a part of because I figured it would be the perfect storm of my least favorite things:  baking, hot sun, and large crowds of people.  However, all things have changed now that Margot is around.  Well, many things have changed, but not my two least favorite things.  Some days we go to the zoo by our house, and it is amazing (usually cloudy or deeply frozen wintertime) with very few people around.  Then other days we go and it is atomically hot and for whatever reason everyone else in town is there too.  Why?  And why do I always end up wearing dark jeans that day?  And why am I the only one sweating?  Is that even possible?


Idlewild is supposed to be an awesome place for little kids and somehow it got on our list of things to do.  Then I found out that the tickets were on sale for $20 through a charity fundraiser (instead of $38???).  Soon after Brandon actually decided to take a VACATION and before long we found ourselves adding our own glitter to the Idlewild parking lot on a cool Monday morning.  Oh, blessings the weather was perfect the whole time we were there.  It was getting a little bakey when we left, but nothing a little time at Splash Lagoon couldn’t have fixed if we were the type of people who had bathing suits.  I actually wished I had one when we walked by the lazy river.  Who am I?  Did I actually have such a nice day/experience that I wanted to put on a suit and float around on inner tubes with a bunch of other people?  Yes, somehow it was.  It was a pretty great day, in fact.


Storybook Forest was the main attraction for us because Margot is still too little to ride even the kids rides.  It was definitely a little creepy because everything was pretty old, had been painted a million times, and smelled a bit mildewy, but it was nice to stroll around and try to remember the stories that went with each stop.


There were a couple little houses to go inside of, including Geppetto’s Workshop, with a little museum-like tableau inside.  Museum tableaus are pretty much my favorite things to go see, ever. Seriously, I would be happy spending time every day looking at museum tableaus – especially if they depict something completely boring like a kitchen a hundred years ago.  So nursery rhyme tableaus were pretty great for me, and hopefully the start of something special for Margot as well.




I liked Idlewild a lot.  I want to go back.  When we were leaving I was eyeing up all the picnicking areas and wishing I too had a huge white enamel crockpot (not the first time for this thought at all), and a bunch of containers of potato salad, cut up watermelon, and whatever else the experienced parents had packed in their rolling coolers.  Do you buy those coolers yourself, are they gifted to you, or do they just appear one day in the basement next to the folding chairs?  Either way – I plan to take a red one next time we go.  And wear this suit.



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