Holiday “Decorating”

DSC_0022I like to browse Pinterest. There are so many pretty pictures and perfect ideas for whatever project you might want to do/hairstyle you want to have/food you want to cook. Usually a quick session is enough to overwhelm me to the point of paralysis and I call it a day on whatever I had been intending to do. Which is why I didn’t look anything up when we decided to decorate for Christmas.

DSC_0005We have a little box of ornaments that we have collected over the 8 years we have been together, and a few tchotchkes that are Christmas-y that I somehow managed to not throw out when packing up the decorations the last couple years. You know, when the holiday is over, there’s a ton of stuff that came home from various parties, and you can’t see any desire to think about any of it ever again. Usually that is when I donate a big bag of things I can’t deal with finding a place for in the house, but the last couple years I stuffed it all in the basement instead. Luckily for that stuff Margot is around because if she wasn’t it would be languishing and most likely on its way to the Goodwill.

DSC_0024She seemed fairly into it when we were putting up the tree. She had to handle all the ornaments before they could be put on the tree, and there were a tense couple days before she stopped trying to eat the garland. She and Possum then tag teamed the tree nearly to death, and there is a ring of fallen ornaments on the floor around it, but whatever. Every morning when we come down for breakfast I plug the tree in because that was always my favorite part as a kid – getting to see the tree all lit up. It’s pretty old news to Margot (and Possum) now, though, so I might be the only one enjoying it.

DSC_0021Oh, yeah, and I decorated the mantle! Its pretty much like stepping into a Pinterest search in my living room now.

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