Goodbye Grains and Sugar

see yaOkay, a few weeks ago I mentioned that we had been thinking about “Paleo”, but I was just horrified by the no peanut butter thing. I still am, and in fact, I am eating peanut butter with an apple as I type this! However, Brandon sort of started cutting out carbs the last half of last week and I continued to pack as many noodles, tortillas, and desserts into my mouth as possible.

I asked Brandon to help me come up with meals that will be appropriate for what he is trying to do since all I felt able to think about was pasta and bread. He brought home Paleo Magazines Reader’s Favorites Cookbook which features recipes, of course, but also a bunch of testimonials. And do I ever love a testimonial.  Most of them are from people who were pretty sick or had family that was sick and no one could figure out what was wrong with them. You know, and then a miracle happened: I did x. X being changed my diet to avoid grains, dairy, and legumes. Okay. Thats awesome and inspiring and everything because I had just found out that my weight was way up when I went to the doctor regarding fatigue (and the necessity to get my A1C tested due to gestational diabetes!), had an awful time sleeping after housing a huge container of pad thai, had a terrible headache on Saturday, and had ridiculous mood swings all weekend. Suddenly, my life was sounding like the beginning of a testimonial!

I did some reading on the internet (i.e. I skimmed some Paleo blogs and forum posts), and decided that I was willing/ready to cut out grains and refined sugars. I know that many people start with the Whole30 by cutting grains, sugars, dairy, and legumes, etc., but I need to be realistic about what I am actually capable of doing. Cutting grains and sugars (refined, I am still eating fruits and starchy vegetables) is a pretty huge change around here as it is. I am considering cutting legumes next month. Oh, my poor peanut butter.

I definitely want to lose some weight because my pants are all tight again in the waist band. I definitely want to have more energy – I went to the doctor to get my iron levels tested due to fatigue for god’s sake! I definitely don’t want to get Type 2 diabetes now that I have a much higher risk. So I emptied the cupboards, and threw out the cookies that we were given at the Labor Day picnic we had just gotten back from earlier in the day.

Talk about a dilemma there – the food is delish, but totally horrible for you (I always feel bloated and too hot after eating it no matter how much I put on my plate) and everyone wants you to have more and take leftovers, and DON’T FORGET DESSERT! If you eat it you feel awful, and maybe get to drive home with a pounding headache. If you don’t eat it you feel emotionally awful because someone you care about went to a lot of effort to make it and here you are all high and mighty refusing it.

Who wants to say “this food makes me feel sick every time I eat it” to their sweet grandma? We take the goodies home, and I usually end up throwing them away after I have eaten anything chocolate. This time I am pretty sure there was still chocolate in there and peanut butter fudge too, but into the trash it went. While emptying the cupboards and freezer of grains and sugars, I almost left the confectioners sugar in there because I had some strange moment of rationalizing to myself that I only use it for icing and it is so inconvenient being out of it when I need to ice a cake. What? If we are cutting out refined sugars, when am I going to be making an impromptu cake? Obviously, this is going to be an ongoing change in lifestyle. It will be interesting to see what else I can come up with the justify complete insanity. Oh, and my goal is only about 80/20 so there will be a little wiggle room. Not spontaneous cakes with icing bake-athon room though.


All in all it ended up being a pretty big haul of refined sugars and flours that ended up on the dining room table. I suppose I will throw most of it out because a lot of it is already opened. It seems a waste, but trying to pawn it off on someone else seems wrong since we are trying to eliminate it from our diet because it is most likely contributing to our fat bellies and fatigue. It’s pretty crummy to say, “Here friend, this crap is making me fat and tired all time. Why don’t you eat it instead?”

We have had a couple dinners so far and they were yummy. I did have a moment of panic in the middle of the night wondering what the hell we were going to eat when we go on a little road trip this weekend.  And lunches have been pretty lame the last few days. I think it is time to do a little more than skimming and find some seriously good recipes to make sure we stick to it.

Do you have any tried and true grain and sugar free recipes for us to try?

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