Fancy Toddler Capes

Look what I finally accomplished! Three super simple toddler capes. Two of them are going to a couple friends that we see all the time, and the other is part of Margot’s costume collection. She was sort of impressed with it when I showed it to her after her nap, and then thoroughly unimpressed/grossed out when I put it on her when Brandon got home. Whatever.

I used cheap felt, but I sewed it so it would hold up longer? Mainly, I don’t have any fabric glue or hot glue around the house, and really the sewing was super easy. Felt is sturdy and sticks to itself pretty well so there wasn’t any fiddly pieces moving around while it was being sewn. I went pretty slow too because Margot was sleeping sans white noise and hates the sound of the sewing machine when she is awake. She also hates the vacuum which is sad because by the time she goes to sleep I’m over any desire to clean so our house is more of a wreck than I can make up excuses for.


Making the cape: Wing it.

I drew the letters on paper somehow managing to make the original M an upside down W and then couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I had done wrong. There was a great deal of scoffing from Brandon after he snarkily told me. Typography is hard! The circles were traced from some bowls after making sure the letters would fit. I sewed the letters on, and then left the material in the middle of the dining room table for about a week and a half. A month or so later I finally got up the gumption to finish. The boys are coming over for a balance beam experiential day later in the week so it was a good time to give them to them.


Since Margot was napping I used the first cape I made as a pattern. The felt looks sort of finished as long as you don’t cut any jagged edges. It was much easier to cut and sew than the jersey I used with the original cape. Sewing the circles and the velcro took about 10 minutes top, so this really is a project you can complete in a nap or two if you are motivated. I’m not sure about the velcro because it is scratchy, but these kids are pretty rough and tumble and don’t seem to have the same hang-ups as the adults. Last time we got together they wore wet socks for ages while we recoiled in horror so I doubt a bit of velcro is going to get in the way.

When the boys were given theirs they had pretty much the same reaction as Margot: Get this terrible thing off me. Seems like a success to me! 

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