Family Movie Night (and Pizza)


Fridays are FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT here, which includes pizza usually homemade. As if Friday isn’t already enough to look forward to on its own!  Since Margot has become more aware (and is able to stand right in front of the tv) we have been trying to watch stuff that is suited for her.  Yes, I am aware of the AAP’s recommendations on screen time, but we like movies and she is meeting her milestones.  So for the time being we are plowing our way through kids movies available on Netflix and Amazon.  Some are great, some are not great, and then some are Ice Age which I insisted was actually pretty good because I remembered really enjoying it 100 years ago when it came out.  It was an embarrassing 5 minutes to try watching that with my elitist husband by my side.  Most depressing imagery and voice acting, ever.


Anyway, Robots and Tomato, Basil, Mushroom, and Anchovy pizza.  Recently, a switch was flipped somewhere and I have finally started making soft, sweet pizza dough.  I have been using Joy of Cooking’s recipe for a couple years now, and had been struggling with hard sort of salty dough that Brandon liked a lot, but disappointed me.  What is the difference now?  I start the yeast in fairly hot water, and I use a generous two tablespoons of sugar.  Both of those points I was sort of wishy washy on for a while.  I was worried about too much sugar (I have since accepted my Ranch Mommy status), and thought the yeast would be damaged if the water was above lukewarm.  And for all I know it could be, but that’s what i do.  Also, i think the dough can sense my confidence.  I used to have to gather myself up to make some dough before I had the recipe memorized and felt kind of put out by all the preparation that went into making pizza when delivery was so easy.  Now I bribe Margot with a peanut butter spoon to hang with me in the kitchen while i knock it out in about 10 minutes.  It rises in a bowl set over the pilot light on our terrible range top (that is a story for another day, hopefully) and is bubbly and enormous about an hour later.


We had been putting roasted broccoli and peppers on our pizzas as a lazy attempt at getting veggies with our ranch and dough fest, which was good, but one day I was just OVER IT so I have been trying to branch out again.  The basil is from my garden, and I feel amazing about it because it is beautiful and delicious.  The tomatoes, sadly, were from the store.  So we sliced the tomatoes and mushrooms and threw them on top of the cheese with some anchovy for every slice.  Basil was torn and scattered over all.  Yummy.  We dolloped much ranch (homemade) on our plates and pigged out.



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