Banana Fudgesicles

DSC_0008Earlier this summer I got into a popsicle craze.  I bought a huge amount of dixie cups at Target (apparently the only amount you can buy), and have been churning out popsicles ever since.  The best ones that I might never be allowed to make again because I could NOT stop eating them were peanut butter and jelly popsicles.  OMG.  Peanut butter and cream and jelly too?  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  Brandon thought they were disgusting.  I thought I could eat them as my only sustenance and be perfectly content (and probably quickly dead).  So good.  I have done some really good strawberry and creams, some peach pie, and orange sherbet too.  The trouble is they go so fast that I often miss the chance to get some photos!  I’ll post those recipes soon, but I figured this recipe had to get written up now because even Margot loved these!


The bananas I got to make this recipe were under ripe so I roasted them for about 20 minutes at 350.  I have never had roasted banana before because hot bananas sound gross to me, but they really did taste lovely as is.  Creamy with a subtle banana flavor.  However, I was looking forward to the fudgesicles much more so into the freezer they went.


After they froze I threw them into the food processor to blend until they became like soft serve as per the recipe I was following.  That takes a long time.  The food processor is loud, and I didn’t feel like listening to it.  Even though the original recipe seems wonderful because it is really healthy, and that was the whole reason I decided to make it, when push came to shove I thought fuck it – add some (a ton of) cream.  Definitely the right decision.  The cream cuts down the banana taste which was a little strong, and makes for a really soft, velvety texture straight from the processor.  You could definitely eat it as is.  I most likely will in the future (probably as dessert after the bacon mac and cheese).  I didn’t want to compress it too much when I was scooping it into the dixie cups to freeze so the popsicles came out sort of funky looking.  Fantastic tasting though.


Margot kept stealing them from us.  I lucked upon the last one that had been overlooked because it fell behind some other stuff in the freezer and she snatched it away from me immediately.  As a bonus the thickness of the mixture helps keep it from being too messy when a toddler is eating it.  She walked around with it taking occasional bites for probably 20-30 minutes and there were no drips.  She was still a sticky mess to clean up, but that is the case with all meals.



Banana Fudgesicles adapted from Mama Papa Bubba

3 roasted bananas (frozen)

½ – 1 cup heavy cream

2 ½ tablespoons cocoa

1 ½ teaspoons maple syrup

½ teaspoon vanilla


Blend all ingredients in food processor until the consistency of soft serve.  Spoon into popsicle molds or dixie cups (my preferred method). Freeze until hard, or you can’t stand to wait any longer.  It makes about 12 dixie cup popsicles.

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